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Discover the benefits of Beta Carotene with Lyc-O-Beta®, a dynamic duo that supports your health. This powerful blend combines the power of beta-carotene and Lyc-O-Beta® to boost your wellbeing.

  • Benefits for Your Health: Vitamin A helps support normal iron metabolism, immune function, normal vision, and the maintenance of normal skin. 
  • Key Components: Enriched with Vitamin A and Lyc-O-Beta® for comprehensive support.
  • Strength in Every Capsule: With one capsule of Beta Carotene with lyc-o-Beta a day, you'll provide your body with 15 mg (25,000 IU) of beta carotene.
  • Supply: One bottle contains 180 capsules.

Our Friends & Family Packs contain 8 bottles. Order together with your family and friends, save 20% and do something good for the environment.

What Does It Do?

- Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and vision

- Contributes to the normal function of the immune system


Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, softgel capsule (modified corn starch, glycerol, carrageenan, brown iron oxide, sodium carbonate anhydrous), Lyc-O-Beta® Solution (sunflower oil, natural beta carotene, dl alpha tocopherol, thickener (Glyceryl monostearate)

Suggested Usage

Take 1 capsule daily (in the morning with food and water), or as directed by a doctor.

For adult use only. Not recommended for pregnant women or those wishing to be. Not recommended for postmenopausal women. Consult a doctor if nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. A varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are important for good health. The product should not be used by pregnant women.


- Is it heavy metal free? Yes, all our products are heavy metal free. If you would like to receive the test certificate, please contact us at team@aavalabs.com

- Is it gluten free? Yes, all our products are gluten free.

- How to store the product? Store the product in its original packaging in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Our products do not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature. However, since this product is made with a softgel capsule, if maintaining a long-term room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius is not feasible, it may be advisable (though not necessary for quality assurance) to store the product in the refrigerator. This precaution helps prevent the capsules from sticking together when exposed to prolonged high temperatures.

- Can the capsule be opened and its contents mixed into liquids? Softgel capsules ideally shouldn’t be opened as they aren’t made for this, we can't recommend opening them to pour out the liquids. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that the product will have an enjoyable smell or taste, nor can we guarantee its complete dissolution in liquids.

- What is the source of the Beta Carotene? Our formula is based on Lyc-O-Beta, which provides us with 100% natural beta-carotene extracted from the mould Blakeslea trispora. Lyc-O-Beta is a patented and all-natural ingredient.

- Does the capsule have to be taken with oil? Our formula contains a splash of olive oil, which increases the bioavailability of the beta-carotene. The added olive oil is sufficient for absorption, so the capsule can simply be taken with a glass of water.


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