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"There should be effective supplements on the international market that are as pure as the Nordic nature!" This was the thought of Otso Kääriäinen, founder & CEO of AAVALABS, when he decided to start the company together with his parents 10 years ago. 

Otso comes from Finland and grew up with the mindset that nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to promote our well-being. With this strong belief, he built AAVALABS together with his parents and started to develop pure and fresh supplements.

Learn more about the story behind AAVALABS and how Otso made his vision come true!

The birth of AAVALABS

It all started in 2011! 

That year, the idea was born to start a company offering supplements inspired by Nordic freshness.Otso's mother is a doctor and could therefore perfectly support Otso in the development of the formulas. 

From the beginning, the idea was to build a family business that above all conveys Nordic values such asfreshness and purity. Every single supplement should be inspired by nature and contain only those ingredients that are really needed for the effect.

With this in mind, it was pretty easy for the family to think of a name for their company. The name AAVALABS comes from the Finnish word "Aava". It has no direct translation into English, but it means thefeeling of love and freshness that you experience when you look at an untouched nature or landscape.

The first steps were now taken and the idea was born! Now it was time for the new founders to roll up their sleeves!

In 2011- 2015, Otso and his mother worked together to develop the supplements and to work on related projects in the field. They looked for suppliers who would produce small test batches to be able to test the first supplements.

Meanwhile, Otso did not lose sight of the importance of staying up to date in eCommerce and online marketing to launch the products successfully. In the early years of AAVALABS, he studied digital marketing on the side and worked on various eCommerce projects. 

In 2016, Otso decided that he wanted to focus 100% on AAVALABS. He graduated and finished his other projects. Thanks to the knowledge he gained, he was now ready to lead thefamily business as CEO. 

He visited several suppliers to expand production and to finally take the plunge into larger production. Years of market research, and an in-depth understanding of what his target group really wanted, helped Otso to make his decisions as CEO. 

Production of the first supplements

After visiting several suppliers, Otso decided to produce in Central Europe. The first supplements produced were: Omega, Magnesium Citrate and Turmeric.

But up to this point, he was still a single player! In 2016, he was still working on building the company all by himself. Otso launched the three products in Finland, the UK and Germany and realized early on that his products were resonating well with the target group and that the market was looking fortransparent and honest supplements.  

The launch of the first products was a great success! And AAVALABS was ready to continue growing!

With steadily growing order numbers and increasing workload, Otso brought in reinforcements to the team in 2017. He hired 4 employees, mainly to start selling on Amazon and to build the online shop.

3 more products were launched in 2017 and the company took off!

The slightly different team 

As a young entrepreneur, innovation is an important core element for Otso. Not only in the development of his products or production, but also in the management of the company and team building.

His goal: Keeping up with the spirit of the times!

That's why Otso decided on a back then still unconventional form of organization: Unlike most other companies,  he wanted to build an international,100% remote working team. A team that comes from different professional experiences and specialties, and most importantly: a team that works from wherever they prefer to be! All meetings and all company communication take place 100% online. 

The launch of the online shop

The company continued to grow in the following years. By 2019, Otso had a team of 20 people and launched 3 more products. Among them: Vitamins, Minerals, Superfoods, Probiotics and Collagen.

The launch of the online shop in 2018 was a major milestone in the growth of AAVALABS. Above all, it meant expansion into Europe through our international website and 4 new Amazon markets: DE, IT, FR, ES.

The pandemic that changed the world 

When Covid-19 spread around the world, everyone was worried at first! No one knew what was coming and how it would affect individuals and businesses.

But as the pandemic grew, the trend towards a more conscious and healthier lifestyle grew as well. Thus, the AAVALABS team remained very busy during the pandemic. The top sellers this year were obviously the products that strengthen the immune system. While many companies had to adjust to now working 100% from home, AAVALABS was able to continue as usual and supply the target group with vitamins and minerals during this difficult time. 

Another important milestone was the cooperation with the Verman Group. The group acquired a part of AAVALABS in 2020 and supports the company with its years of experience in the distribution of high-quality products that promote health and well-being.

AAVALABS is unstoppable

In the meantime, AAVALABS counts with a professional, international team that above all shares the passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Our team works 100% remotely and still, we manage to share many team moments with each other, where we not only talk business. 

The goal for 2021 is to have a total of 20 products on the market. From vitamins, probiotics and minerals, you will also find superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella. 

Meanwhile, AAVALABS products are available in Europe through our international website and in 8 different Amazon markets: UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, PL, NL, SE.

But new goals and missions are already in the planning!

We want to offer our fresh supplements to a much larger target group and are therefore working on further expansions! Soon, the AAVALABS supplements will be available for order outside Europe.

We couldn't be more grateful

Building a business involves a lot of hard work. But between moments of success, challenges and new learnings, we never forget how grateful we are for the customers who have accompanied and supported us throughout these 10 years.Your well-being, your health and of course your satisfaction with our products is what matters to us! 

We can't wait to continue sharing our Nordic-inspired products with you in the future!  

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