Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), also known as the Sun Vitamin, is especially important for people who do not get enough Sunlight. In many European countries, this applies to almost everyone in winter. Vitamin D performs many tasks in the body. Among other things, it plays a Central Role in Bone Health.
  • Support your immune system with the famous sun vitamin! One capsule contains 5,000 IU vitamin D3 (in the form Cholecalciferol). It is recommended you take one capsule every 5 days. Extra virgin olive oil has also been added to the mixture to improve absorption in the body. A total of 365 capsules and thus stock for a whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the raw material come from?

Synthetic product. Holecalciferol (7-Dehydrocholesterol from wool fat (lanolin) is used as raw material in the manufacturing process)


Is it enough to take 1 capsule every 5 days?

This is our recommended daily dose. We recommend that you talk to a doctor if you want to take a higher daily dose.


Is it bad if the capsules stick together after a while?

This can happen and is not bad. A short shake separates the capsules again.


What is the best way to store the capsules?

We recommend storing the capsules dry and protected from light.


The smell is very penetrating. Is that normal?

Yes! When you open the bottle for the first time, the smell can be a bit penetrating. It is the raw materials and the smell disappears over time.


Why didn't you add vitamin K2?

We decided to offer both vitamins separately.