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Experience the power of our Iron with Vitamin C, featuring highly bioavailable Iron Bisglycinate with 42mg of elemental iron. You will see, it supports you optimally in your everyday life!

  • Benefits for Your Health: Iron contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and to a normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C supports the immune system, contributes to the maintenance of a normal energy-rich metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Key Components: Iron Bisglycinate for optimal absorption, coupled with natural Vitamin C from Acerola Fruit Extract.
  • Strength in Every Capsule: Each Iron with Vitamin C capsule holds 42 mg of elemental iron.
  • Supply: One bottle Iron with Vitamin C contains 120 capsules.

The Iron capsule is easy to swallow and the perfect support for your healthy lifestyle.

What Does It Do?

- Contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

- Contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue

- Contributes to normal function of the immune system

- Contributes to normal cognitive function


Iron bisglycinate, Acerola fruit extract, Vegetarian capsule (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Bulking agent (Microcrystalline cellulose), Thickener (Acacia Gum), Bamboo extract, MCT Powder

Suggested Usage

Take 1 capsule daily (in the morning with food and water), or as directed by a doctor.

The permitted daily dose may vary by country according to local legislation

For adult use only. Consult a doctor if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. A varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are important for good health.


- Is it heavy metal tested? Yes, all our products are heavy metal free. If you would like to receive the test certificate, please contact us at team@aavalabs.com

- Is it gluten free? Yes, all our products are gluten free.

- How to store the product? Store the product in its original packaging in a cool, dry place and keep it away from direct sunlight.

- Can the capsule be opened and its contents mixed into liquids? Since the capsules are made of HPMC, they can be easily opened, allowing the contents to be poured into a liquid. However, it's important to keep in mind that this product is not intended for mixing with liquids. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the product will have an enjoyable smell or taste, nor can we guarantee its complete dissolution in liquids.

- What is the advantage of iron bisglycinate compared to other forms of iron? Iron bisglycinate is known as gentle iron. It has a high bioavailability and is well tolerated by the stomach and intestines.

- Why is Vitamin C added in the formula? Iron and vitamin C are a very good combination. The natural vitamin C in our formula improves iron absorption and also supports the immune system.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Núria O.
Absorción increíble

Es un complemento de hierro con todas las ventajas y sin ningún inconveniente. Tiendo a estar baja de hierro, ligeramente, y este producto es, de lejos, el que me sienta mejor. Muy buena absorción y biodisponibilidad. Tengo más energía que antes y me siento fuerte. Gracias.


Just what I needed at the time.

Every time you realise vitamins work, it's like a miracle

Have been taking these every morning for a month now and yesterday I realised that I really am less tired during the day, I don't want to take a nap towards afternoon or anything of the sort. Since I haven't changed anything else in my daily routines, I dare to "blame" this vitamin combo. :)

Brigitte W.

Super produit! je me sens revivre. Beaucoup moins fatiguée, plus d'énergie, beaucoup plus motivée pour entreprendre.

My favorite iron

I was looking for iron and vitamin C combination and finally I found it! Thank you - it is very effective supplement and I definitely will order again!