If you want to enjoy life to the fullest and achieve your goals, a strong foundation is the key. This is where vitamin K2 comes in. It helps maintain normal bones and allows you to be on top of your game. Our highly effective vitamin Kin well-absorbed liquid form is 100% vegan and provides 267% of the recommended daily dosage (

RI) per serving - NO GMO, free of gluten and artificial additives.


Expiry date: 02/2021

  • Highly effective vitamin K2, provides 267% of the recommended daily allowance (RI) per serving (8 drops daily). Long lasting supply - 1750 drops per bottle. Supports bone and dental health. Helps Regulate Use of Calcium. Helps with Nutrient Assimilation. Ideal in combination with our D3 drops. Tested in independent laboratories and manufactured in Europe under strict quality standards. NON GMO, gluten-free & 100% vegan.