Day 8

Today we have a special gift for you: 8 Ideas for sustainable & healthy Christmas gifts!
8 Sustainable & Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas  
1. Yoga mat
Motivate your family and friends to start the new year actively, for example with a sustainable yoga mat made of natural rubber. Upgrade the gift by adding a trial class at a gym or yoga center. 
2. AAVALABS products for the New Year
Surprise your loved ones with a package of AAVALABS products, so they can start the new year with new energy. The great thing is that you can pick supplements that match the lifestyle and requirements of the person. A fitness fan might love our Fullnesium, a wellness-oriented aunt Spirulina. 
3. Gift time 
Nothing is more valuable than time spent together. Give your loved ones a voucher for a shared experience: a luxurious breakfast, a cooking course or a cinema evening. No matter what it is - the main thing is that you spend a wonderful time together.
4. Sustainable beauty products
Plastic is a huge problem worldwide. For this reason, innovative brands have created sustainable alternatives. How about a bamboo toothbrush set or washable make-up remover pads? 
5. Reusable drinking bottle 
A plastic bottle takes about 450 years to be completely decomposed in nature. If you're looking for sustainable gifts, then you're doing the right thing with a reusable water bottle! 
6. Donations instead of gifts
Finding the right gift can be difficult, especially when some people already seem to have everything. How about this: simply donate do a meaningful cause in the name of your family or friends? Many charities now offer this option on their websites. 
7. Fascia set with exercises 
The latest buzzword in health, wellness, sports and exercise comes in the form of fascia. A fascia set is the perfect aid for crossfit, yoga, pilates, fitness, bodybuilding and much more. The roll massage can also effectively relax the tissue and promote blood circulation during outdoor activities and warm-up exercises.
8. Sustainable accessories 
A wooden watch or a purse made from cork? There are many great accessories that prove that sustainability doesn't have to be boring. Best of all, they not only look good, they are also good for the environment. 
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