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Do you really need supplements? 

There's no question about it: eating healthy is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and supplements can't replace it. However, it is a real challenge to get everyday  all the nutrients that are essential for the body. 

There are many reasons for this, such as a stressful everyday life, a demanding lifestyle or simply no time to pay attention to absorbing all the important vitamins & minerals through the diet. 

There are many reasons to use supplements to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. 

Discover 5 reasons why you too should incorporate supplements into your active lifestyle. 

1. Cravings caused by western diets

Our Western dietary style ensures that we don't starve ourselves. Well, not in the actual sense, because our food provides us with enough energy. But now the bad news! We are all often deficient in micronutrients. The body's reaction is quite simple: cravings. That's because your body wants to tell you that it's missing something, and it's hoping you'll give it the nutrients it's lacking. For example, did you know that cravings for chocolate can be attributed to a magnesium deficiency? If you don't consume enough magnesium, your organism helps itself to stored supplies. This is a clever move, because it means that deficiency symptoms do not occur directly. Of course, your body has a great interest in replenishing the stores, so it stimulates the appetite for magnesium-rich foods such as chocolate. Consequently, cravings for sweets do not automatically result from poor sugar intake, but also from nutrient deficiencies. 

2. Healthy diet contains fewer nutrients than before 

You may have heard that fruits and vegetables contain fewer nutrients these days. But why is that? You've almost certainly heard that depleted soils are the culprit. Since fruit and vegetable plants help themselves to the nutrients in the soil, this attitude is quite understandable. Soils were destroyed and fertility decreased. The dilution effect is also a widespread problem. With rich fertilization and irrigation, higher yields can be achieved. His theory is that rapid growth means plants can't keep up when it comes to making or absorbing nutrients. Last but not least, the use of pesticides is also a reason why food contains at least fewer antioxidants. It has been shown that organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more of the phytochemicals. Researchers assume that due to the lack of pesticides, the plant itself produces more secondary plant compounds to protect itself from natural enemies.

Even if you consciously buy healthy food, it is not certain that your food contains enough nutrients. The quality of food has deteriorated due to overproduction, the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives. For example, an orange today has less vitamin C than it did 50 years ago. And this is true for many fruits and vegetables.

3. Eating a truly balanced diet is difficult

The stress factor in today's modern life is enormous. In your job you are expected to perform at a high level, your partner, parents and friends expect a lot from you and you also want to realize yourself and on top of that feel sporty and fit. It is estimated that only 2% of people eat a truly balanced diet. Our food contains too many refined carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. At the same time, we often get too few vitamins, minerals and protein. A noticeable effect is that we are tired more often. The increasing number of people who are overweight also has something to do with this.

A healthy lifestyle is very important for our health, but it is not always easy for us to always eat healthy. So supplements are a super support for your body, making the healthy lifestyle much easier. 

4. Stress influences our digestion

Do you often suffer from stress? Don't underestimate it! Legal deadlines and unexpected difficulties - no wonder stress is omnipresent. But did you know that you can significantly influence your stress with your diet? The demands of everyday life at work and at home, our individual needs and external stimuli combine to form a challenge that our bodies have to cope with day after day. 

In such a case, our body releases the hormone cortisol, which is supposed to regulate your blood sugar level as well as blood pressure. The hormone thus tries to keep you healthy, prevent infections and ensure your performance. Most of the time this works quite well. It gets bad when such situations occur more frequently and stress becomes chronic - this condition makes your body sick! Stress also impairs our digestion. The ingested food can be utilized more poorly and a nutrient deficiency occurs. Insomnia, infections or restlessness are the result.

However, with the right foods containing plenty of vitamins and minerals, you can avoid deficiency symptoms. Achieving a good work-life balance is a challenge. Add to that enough sports and social contacts, and you know: it's quite a lot. With physical and mental stress, our bodies need more essential nutrients to function smoothly. 

5. You don't get enough sun 

Do you live in a place where the sun doesn't shine year-round? In many countries, the sun is not strong enough for enough vitamin D to be produced. So it's no surprise that most of us are vitamin D deficient, especially in the winter. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that has been shown to be of particular importance to our health. It contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function, the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Vitamin D in capsule form is therefore an optimal alternative to protect your body from damage from a vitamin D deficiency. 

Give your body the best support

An active and healthy lifestyle requires an especially large amount of essential nutrients. You can't always obtain this amount even with an optimal diet.

Supplements are the perfect way to support your body. And the good thing is that our supplements are natural and made from high quality ingredients. You yourself decide how much you want to take care of your health. We recommend that you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and drink enough water. Taking supplements is an addition to your healthy lifestyle and ensures that your body is supported by you in the best possible way. 

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