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Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for AAVALABS? The AAVALABS team works 100% remotely and shares a deep passion for a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Each employee works from the place he or she prefers to be. Find out more about the AAVALABS team - e asked all of them to answer questions about their personal experience working at AAVALABS.


Chidinma alias Chidi , QA, QC & Regulations Specialist

Chidi, our specialist for regulations and product quality, is based in London. He ensures the launch of new supplements under all market & quality guidelines. 

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSI love how friendly and open the company is, with a strong ethos and goal.
  • How did working remotely affect you? It´s great! Super convenient without the long commutes that I used to have. 
  • What's your favorite product and why? Probiolac as it helps the gut bacteria which play a significant role in the body including 80% of immunity and influences weight control.

Tommi, Head of Finance 

Tommi is based in Finland and is the numbers guy at AAVALABS. He is responsible for financial planning and calculations. In typical Finnish manner his answers are short ;) 

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSThe team is all in all, a group of nice people making it nice to push forward.
  • How did working remotely affect you? It demands a certain rhythm but creates opportunities for traveling.
  • What's your favorite product and why? Vitamin D3, helps to keep the spirit up during the dark Finnish winter. 



Carlota, HR Manager

Carlota is the HR manager at AAVALABS. She is based in Madrid and a real pro when it comes to finding the right talent for our team and making sure things like onboarding run smoothly within the organization. 

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSThe real flexibility that gives you, not having fixed working hours. How we use technology to make our working life easier. Most companies talk about implementing technology and then you find out that they don't take it as serious... we always do our best to improve flexibility and efficiency at the same time. 
  • How did working remotely affect you? Avoiding traffic jams and working from the comfort of my home office really allows you to have a balance of work and personal life. 
  • What's your favorite product and why? The Vegan Omega 3 simply makes me feel better when I take it. 

Diana, Head of eCommerce & Customer Happiness

Diana is usually based in Madrid, but likes to spend a few months a year in Ibiza. She organizes all eCommerce issues and ensures that our customers get the best possible service at AAVALABS.

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSWe have a very positive work environment and we do real team work. I have so much fun working with my colleagues and we learn everyday one from each other.
  • How did working remotely affect you? The fact that we are a 100% remote company with flexible working hours makes the work-life balance perfect. I love to have the possibility to work from everywhere and travel at the same time. 
  • What's your favorite product and why? My favorite product is the Turmeric Complex. With it´s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, it contributes to my wellbeing every day. I normally take the content out of the capsule and mix it with a smoothie. 


Serena, Operations Coordinator

Our Operations Coordinator Serena is based in Italy. With her strong organizational skills, she coordinates any kind of operations and keeps an eye on everything related to inventory and supply chain management. 

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSI love the working environment: friendly, respectful, challenging, fun. We all work hard but in a super supportive and fun environment where everyone is respected and valued. I'm also enjoying the mix of so many different cultures.
  • How did working remotely affect you? Working remotely in great, especially as a mum of a small child. It gives me all the flexibility in terms of working hours and location. It allows me to never miss important moments! You need a good dose of organisation, ability to compartmentalise and always a strong wifi but the perks of remote working definitely exceed the downsides.
  • What's your favorite product and why? Magnesium, it keeps me focused! 

Giulia, Amazon Store Manager

Guilia is originally from Italy, but currently lives in Austria. She coordinates the AAVALABS products in our Amazon Store and makes sure that our Amazon customers are perfectly happy.

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSWhat I enjoy the most working here at AAVALABS is the culture of the company and the colleagues I work with. I also love the possibility to learn new things and the great trainings I received so far.
  • How did working remotely affect you? Positively! Since I started I am able to travel while working and I find it great as in 2021 is normal to have friends and family spread around the globe, the possibility to visit all of them without affecting your "vacation limits" is just the best thing ever! Of course it requires discipline but for me the pros are way more than the cons.
  • What's your favorite product and why? Beauty+ is my favorite product: not only a complex for your beauty but also a great immunity complex as it includes Zinc and Vitamin C!



Yanina, Customer Happiness Support

Yanina was born in Argentina but lives in Milan. Always in a good mood, she makes sure AAVALABS customers get all their questions answered about products, ingredients and recommended dosages. 

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABSBeing part of a friendly environment where we work hard but always with a smile. Being a remote company I get to be in touch with a multicultural team and this helps me grow not only as a professional but as an individual 
  • How did working remotely affect you? It gives me the chance to put my personal life first, allowing myself to organize my priorities with less stress.
  • What's your favorite product and why? Leanergy! I am a morning person and enjoy very much being active since the beginning of the day.

Lisa, Copywriter

Lisa is originally from Germany, but lives in sunny Barcelona. She is responsible for all content of the AAVALABS  newsletters, social media posts and blog articles.

  • What do you like about working for AAVALABS? I like the friendly and international environment in the whole team. Although we all work 100% remotely, everything is super well organized. What I love about my position is that I am constantly learning about new topics related to health, wellness and vitamins. The best articles are the ones I've learned something myself while writing them. 
  • How does working remotely affect you? Very positive! As someone who has friends and family spread all over the world, I really enjoy the flexibility of remote working. Finally, I can visit my loved ones regularly without counting vacation days. 
  • What's your favorite product and why? Vitamin B complex! As a vegetarian, I make sure to get enough B12.

One mission, many voices 

Working remotely doesn't mean having a distanced relationship to your colleagues. Yes, we work hard and know how to roll up our sleeves. But there's still plenty of time to catch up over the weekend. 

One book that has inspired our working style is “Remote: Office Not Required” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (in case you want to learn more about this lifestyle). 

What unites us is our common mission. We want to provide a healthier everyday for the many people by giving them a piece of the Nordics. 


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