Premium Probiolac Bundle - 6 months supply 


With 30 unique bacterial strains and 120 colony forming units per serving, we’re proud to say that Premium Probiolac is one of the most potent and diverse bacteria complex support supplements on the market today. 


Our multi-strain formula also contains zinc, a mineral with a wide range of potential benefits (supporting normal immune function, macronutrient metabolism and the protection of cells from oxidative stress). 


Our innovative Nu-FLOW delivery technology ensures optimal absorption. The capsules are shelf-stable and don´t require refrigeration making them a good choice on the go. 

Premium Probilac at a glance: 

Who is it for?

Perfect supplement for anyone willing to support their immune system and gut health.

How to take it? 

Take 3 capsules in the evening with food and water or as directed by a doctor. 


Get 6 months supply (6 units) and save 10%!