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Here at AAVALABS we are passionate about health and fitness - not just for namesake, but because we have experienced the benefits of a healthy lifestyle ourselves. 

We asked our team members for their personal health and fitness routines. The fascinating thing is how different the routine looks for each person. I think our little internal survey beautifully demonstrates that there is not just ONE right way to lead a healthy and happy life. 

As the saying goes: Many ways lead to Rome! 

What our team members do to stay healthy and fit 

Diego - Designer 

I workout around 6 times a week, target different muscle groups each day, always do my cardio and 10 min stretches to improve flexibility and not suffer any type of injury. 

But probably the most important thing is that I've learned to give the right priority to a good night's sleep and never ever over-stress! 

These two factors have a huge impact on my day-to-day activities and play a vital role for my physical and mental health. So beyond every other ritual these two come first.  

When it comes to my diet I eat pretty clean food during six days a week. That means no junk food or chips or any type of sugary cakes. I drink mostly water and sugar free energy drinks (which are bad I know, but I like the feeling of being fully awake.) and then on Sunday I allow myself to eat burgers, fries but without exaggerating! 

I wake up very early like around 5:30am every morning. 

And I fast 14-16 hours everyday. That means my first meal of the day is around 11:00am -12pm. 

Viktor - Google & Bing Ads 

I drink at least one ginger shot everyday and a cup of tea made from herbs (different types each day depending on my mode and season) before going to bed. 

I don't eat sugar, nor salt - at least I don't add any of them to any food / drink.

If it is not the weekly shopping, then I very often ride my bike to do the groceries to get some exercise. 

Diana - Customer Happiness Lead 

These are the things I do on a regular basis: 

I drink plenty of water and herbal teas. In addition I do regular stretching, walking and a bit of cardio training. Generally I try to follow a diverse diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and very little meat. I don't drink any alcohol. 

Activities that I like include running, lifting weights, hiking and cycling. 

Maja - Digital Marketing 

For me it would be sticking to a fitness routine that I actually enjoy, even if it's not an activity that's the most trendy at the moment/burns the most calories/gives the quickest results etc., just finding what works for me and sticking to it. 

Now unfortunately all the gyms are closed in Poland (due to the pandemic), and it's too cold to workout outside, so for the time being it's at home yoga and meditation, walking the dog twice a day and hiking on weekends. 

Food-wise: in Poland big dinners are not a thing, breakfast and lunch are the biggest meals of the day, so I don't tend to eat massive meals late in the day unless it's a special occasion. It's kinda like a cultural intermittent fasting ;). 

That gives my gut a break from digesting and helps me feel fresher in the morning (as opposed to waking up still full from a big dinner). 

Hanna - Content writer

Daily walks have been part of my standard routine as long as I can remember. A day without a walk is a bad day! 

Besides, I follow a vegetarian diet and prefer natural products. Colourful plates with vegetables make me happy!  I also love to do yoga on a regular basis. 

My goal for the new year is to make it a daily habit again and also increase the length or difficulty of the classes. 

Giulia - Amazon Country Manager 

Firstly, move as it feels good! I generally diversify quite a lot my training based on how I feel, but in general I alternate yoga, flexibility and running. 

Secondly, eat while listening to your body, even if it is asking for chocolate, that's fine!

And last but not least:  Try to keep your mind a peaceful, healthy place, for that I personally keep a journal.

Serena - Executive Assistant 

For me it's mostly pilates. I do it twice a week in the morning and it really gets you going.

Besides that I love lunchtime walks and runs! 

Yanina - Customer Happiness Support 

I'm trying to do digital detox regularly. I turn my phone on ONLY after I have had breakfast, I keep notifications off. I turn the phone off before I start having dinner. During weekends I'm trying to keep it completely off  too.

Stefano - PPC Manager 

Here's what I do to stay healthy: 

I drink a lot of water and try doing some exercise every day, whatever comes to my mind. 

For me, it's important to do something every day. 

Besides that I meditate every morning and try spending at least 15 minutes outside to refresh my mind. I also try to eat a lot of vegetables. 

My bonus tip:

A power nap of 20 minutes is amazing, especially to recharge after lunches (especially after a big dish of pasta ahahah). 

Discover your personal path to wellness 

As you can see a healthy lifestyle looks different to everyone. What works for one person, may not work for the other one. We have found that mindfulness and meditation can be great ways to become more aware of your body's needs and make better choices. 

That said, the reason why we are in the supplement business is that we want to make health as easy as possible. 

Our goal is to make people around the world healthier, by giving them a daily dose of Nordic vitality. We do this by providing high-quality supplements and vitamins that are as pure as possible, manufactured in Europe and 100% GMO-free.

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