At AAVALABS our people are the backbone and the heartbeat of everything we do. The customer service we provide is just as important to us as the high-quality supplements we make. That’s why we’re really proud to have been awarded with a Customer Happiness Award 2020 end of last year. 

Our international customer service team members are a creative and diverse bunch with amazing language skills, so we thought we’d delve behind the scenes and introduce you to them.

Carla - Our yoga-loving polyglot in Bali 

Carla, originally from Spain, is currently based in Bali, Indonesia with her young family. As a real polyglot Carla is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French, and English. Whenever we need translations for international product launches Carla is our go-to person. The thing Carla loves most about her work is “sending good vibes to the world”. 

Free time activities:Yoga, Painting, Singing.

Favorite supplement:Spirulina- Always add it to my morning smoothie for some extra energy. 

Diana - Our artistic team leader from Spain 

Diana who is based in Madrid is the team leader of our customer happiness team. 

With international roots, she grew up bilingual and is fluent in both Spanish and German. Besides her mother tongues, Diana also speaks French, Italian, and English. When asked what she likes most about her work at AAVALABS she says: “Being the voice of the customer’s inside the AAVALABS Family and being able to monitor improvements to make our customers happier.” 

Free time activities: Abstract and surrealism painting and drawing.

Favorite supplement: Spirulina & Chlorella and Turmeric. I love to mix them into recipes like smoothies, juices or pancakes.

Keasha - Our ballet dancing customer service expert in Japan 

Keasha, half Japanese half North American, is currently based in Kanagawa, Japan.

She is fluent in Japanese and English which makes her a great addition to our multilingual team. 

We asked Keasha what she likes about her work. Here's what she says: “My favorite thing about being part of the CS Happiness Team is getting the opportunity to talk to our customers and learning how much of an impact our supplements have made to them!” 

Free time activities: I love dancing! I've been doing ballet for about 20 years. Recently, I've been getting into film photography and baking pastries!

Favorite supplement: I think our Vegan Omega-3 is amazing! It's a great alternative for people who have plant-based diets, or if you just don't like fish. 

What does our Customer Happiness Team do? 

The most important job of our customer happiness team is to make YOU happy. If you have questions regarding our products or any orders, if you need additional information about ingredients or if you face any kind of problem, our team is there to help! In fact, the customer happiness team is the place, where all our customer feedback is collected and reviewed. 

What does that mean?  

If we notice a problem, a challenge or a demand, our CS team informes other responsible teams so that we can take action and find solutions. 

Sometimes that can result in developing new formulas or making improvements to existing products. Sometimes that can mean sending out chocolates to customers or even live meetups in a coffee shop  (like the one we had in Berlin last summer). All of these scenarios have already happened in the past. 

No matter the season, we’re here to help you. 

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