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As some of you might know, Lisa Rodriguez is the mastermind behind our product formulas. 

Libby, as we like to call her, has extensive experience in the field of nutrition and has been working in supplement development for several years. Having her at AAVALABS has been a real game changer for the company as we no longer need to rely on external experts for advice.  

In this article Libby answers some frequently asked questions from our customers and shares insights about future trends. Enjoy! 

Can you share little about your background? How did you start working with supplements?

I started working in the Health Industry around 12 years ago in retail sales and clinical nutrition as a Nutritionist Practitioner after completing my Nutritional Medicine Degree. It was more of a natural step for me to move from working with clients individually as a practitioner to more of a research / development role in Australian manufacturing as I was more interested in clinical research and efficacy of products . 

For the last 10 years I have been in product Development and Research and Development for Food Supplements / Dietary Supplements around the world, designing the product from the clinical research into the tablet  - capsule we see today.

How does the process of developing supplements generally look like? What steps are involved from the first idea to the final product?

Every product developer has their own way of doing this process - however here at AAVA ours always starts with clinical research into ingredients and dosage - as well as safety and efficacy of these ingredients . 

From there, we will look into our key categories where these well researched ingredients can fit into, to suit our key target markets and demographics . 

Once we have a base, we will then source our own ingredients, to ensure the quality of the raw materials will meet our internal standards before sending the product to manufacture .

Once manufactured, we will send the product off for various testings to ensure it meets regulations and our quality standards before releasing this to our customers.

The market is full of supplements. How can customers recognize a quality product? What should they be looking for in particular?

The European market is highly competitive in the supplements space with new products being launched every day - the best thing a customer can do is look for where the product is manufactured and if it was manufactured in a GMP facility - this will ensure a higher quality and traceable product . 

If you are looking to purchase a product, ask as many questions as you like before purchasing - whether it be around testing and product quality, to efficacy et.c and ingredients. 

We at AAVA have a dedicated customer service team to answer all these product related questions so our customers can be confident in taking our products and trust a brand that can be completely transparent in both our quality process and products.

Why is quality so important? What are the risks of taking low-quality supplements?

In dietary supplements, the quality of supplements is a key part in ensuring a product is effical and safe . Manufacturing to GMP standards means all our raw materials and products pass and additional grade of hygiene and traceability over food products , this leads to better product quality . 

Taking low quality supplements can mean that you don't always get what you pay for. Especially in food supplements and nutrients, the product may not always meet the dosage stated on the label, low quality products will not pass random checks. 

We recommend to customers always to ask for certificates which show the product has surpassed or passed the level of label claim to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they have paid for, for the life of the product.

What would you say are the biggest advantages of AAVALABS? Why should people buy from us?

One of the biggest advantages of AAVALABS is that we are continuously looking at ways to bring our customers high quality, effical and well researched products. Sourced from ingredients around the world, using clinical research in each formulation - we keep everything in house so we can control our product from design and development through to sale.By doing this we can ensure they will meet our rigorous internal quality standards.

What supplements would you generally recommend to people? Is there something everyone should take in your view?

Every individual is different in their diet and lifestyle choices - so there is generally never a single product which I would recommend to people . 

Are there differences in supplement preferences between countries? If yes, what kind?

Yes. Each country or region of the world has certain trends or health concerns which are different from other countries in the world . 

Whilst currently Immune health is the most purchased segment at the moment, the collagen / beauty trend is extremely large in the Asia Pacific region - which is now slowly filtering into the European market. In the Americas - major categories include stress and weight management and more gummy style products are considered a popular method of consumption by customers.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about supplements, based on your experience?

The biggest misconception surrounding supplements is that we do not need them and we can get all the nutrients from our fruit and vegetables. While in some regions of the world there is nutrient dense soil, the majority of countries have nutrient depleted soils due to a variety of environmental factors, meaning the nutrients are no longer in as higher quantities are transferred into our fruits and vegetables. 

Thus the need for food supplements has increased greatly since a variation in more traditional diets to western diets as well as lifestyles such as veganism which require supplementation in order to top up or replenish our body's requirements of certain nutrients which we may become deficient in.

As you follow the trends on the global market closely, what kind of supplements do you think will be trending in 2021 and the coming years?

Immune health is definitely one of the biggest “trends”  in 2020 and will continue to be in 2021 as immune health is challenged on all fronts with the current pandemic. 

Outside of this, there is a rising trend for anti-aging and beauty consumables as well as supplements for stress and mood in all countries across the globe.

Do you have more questions about supplements? Talk to us! 

We hope we were able to answer some of your frequent questions with this interview. In case you have more specific questions regarding a particular product, don't hesitate to ask!  

Transparency is one of our core principles here at AAVALABS, and we believe that being informed is one important aspect of health. 

That said, feel free to contact us via email and we´ll get back to you. 

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