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Time for the next coffee break - but how much is too much?

With cafés on every corner and many of us who need their daily kick just to wake up and behave like a normal person, you cannot stop asking yourself, is so much coffee still healthy? Yes and no. As with all the goodies (I'm talking about you, chocolate!), The answer is 'in moderation'. 

Caffeine, the best-known component in coffee, belongs to the group of nootropics, which basically means that it has a stimulating effect on our mind. It stimulates us mentally and makes us feel alert. Whether you need to focus on your next meeting or go for exams - coffee is your best friend.

Yes, that sounds like coffee for us lazy ones, sent directly from God. The drug that helps us to be reasonably normal. But besides all these positive qualities, there is as always a flip side of the coin (Ying and Yang and so on).

So how much coffee should you drink?

Recent dietary recommendations suggest that it is safe to drink up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. For the coffee addicts among us, that means we should limit ourselves to a maximum of 3-5 cups of coffee a day, depending on how much you roast your brown soup. More than this dose, and your concentration can turn into a roller coaster ride with anxiety, stomach problems and muscle tremors.

However, there are also people who go crazy after a cup of coffee, while others drink ten and nothing seems to happen. So, if the bad symptoms appear after 5 cups, what happens to those who drink more?

Coffee consumption

If you drink coffee every day, you become tolerant of the effects of caffeine because your body gets used to the amount of caffeine you drink on a regular basis. Once you are tolerant, the only caffeine effect you have is that it is difficult to fall asleep. A "coffee break", ie a break from drinking coffee, can help you to reduce or even overcome tolerance.

On the other hand, someone who has never had coffee in their lives and suddenly drops 4 cups will most likely have a bad experience because he just is not used to caffeine. In this sense, our habits determine how we react to something as simple as a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

But wait. There is more.

Balance is the key - do not drink too much. We are always close to everything and because we feel we need to be very focused all the time, many of us are cocky when it comes to consuming coffee. Probably considering that coffee has evolved into a complicated culinary art that tries to balance aromas and smells. If we value each cup we drink and learn to properly enjoy our coffee, it should be easier not to drink more than we really need.