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Quite often we receive questions about the ingredients, countries of origin and properties of our products. That's why we want to give you some insights today into how our supplements are made. 

Usually, it's a long way from the initial idea to the final product, and it's not uncommon that there are several rounds of trial and error before getting all the things right. 


1. Everything starts with the formula 

Product development always starts with an idea. Our expert Libby has been working with dietary supplements for many years and analyses the latest trends and developments on the market. Sometimes we get inspired by the feedback of our customers as well. 

The formula is always compiled based on the latest scientific findings. For this reason, it is possible that new editions of old products may be released from time to time. This is the case, for example, if new, better raw materials have been developed in the meantime or more natural and modern ways of taking our products become available..

A very critical aspect of product development is, of course, following the applicable laws and regulations for the production of dietary supplements. Libby is an expert in this area and ensures that our products meet all EU standards and only contain approved ingredients. 

2. Selection of raw materials 

The quality and safety of raw materials is our top priority. Only if we have high-quality and pure ingredients, we can make a good product out of them! 

This part of the manufacturing process usually involves a long phase of research to find the best available raw materials on the market. Depending on the ingredient it can include an international search as well. 

3. R&D batch 

The production is done by our partner company, which also takes care of the other logistics for us. Before something new can be manufactured, the costs and the composition of the formula must be discussed in detail. 

The next step usually includes making a limited number of capsules for testing purposes. These initial test batches might be sent to us for evaluation. 

4. Pilot batch & testing 

If the first trials are satisfactory, a pilot batch of the product is run on the actual production line. This is necessary to determine whether the product runs correctly on the line during the actual production process. If there are any problems, the composition may need to be adjusted and approved again. 

For the product to be successfully brought to market, it must meet several criteria. The mixture must be uniform in quality, the product must dissolve in the stomach within a certain time (there are special tests for this) and it must also be stable enough. This part of the work is monitored by the experts at our partner company. 

5. Independent laboratory tests 

Tests by independent laboratories provide additional safety. In these tests, the products are once again put through their paces for purity. We can send you certificates for the individual products on request. 

6. Naming and design  

Parallelly to the development of the actual product, we start thinking about the later product name and design at an early stage. 

We often make an internal survey about the name to find out which names go down best or collect ideas in a team. Our design team takes care of the packaging design. Sometimes there are internal surveys again to find out the best design option. 

7. The launch 

When the product is ready and both the pilot batch and the final packaging have been given the green light, the product is ready for market launch. The product will be listed in our online store and can be ordered now!

The ultimate test: customer satisfaction 

The ultimate and most important test comes at the end. The product must of course please our customers. If it turns out that a product receives mixed feedback, we must of course get to the bottom of it and see what can be improved. 

This is perhaps also the most important conclusion: product development is always a process. Long-term success presupposes that you always have your finger on the pulse, listen closely to your customers, and follow developments on the market closely.

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