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We can officially say “spring is in the air”! With all its beautiful smells that we longed for during the long winter months - especially this year.

One thing is for sure: this year we are more in mood for spring than ever before!

Are you feeling the same way?

But before we rush headlong into spring with all the enthusiasm we can muster, let's prepare for it and use it to leave old habits in the past and make room for new ones.

We give you 5 tips on how to perfectly prepare yourself for spring. 

Tip 1 Say goodbye to the old and make room for something new!

Even our grandparents followed this tradition: the annual and worldwide known spring cleaning. It may sound like an old fashion tradition, but there is something much deeper to spring cleaning. Over the winter months we have made sure that we are as cosy as possible in our home. Now that winter is over it's finally time to let in some light and new energy.

Get rid of things you haven't used over the past year.

Clean out your closet and say goodbye to clothes you've had in your closet for far too long and wear far too rarely. Or maybe you'll discover clothes you haven't worn in ages that have now come back into fashion.

Make room for something new! There is no better feeling than to finally banish the winter coat from your wardrobe.

Tip 2 Connect with nature

What a great feeling it is when the first rays of sunshine hit your skin!

And where better to enjoy the sun in the spring months than in nature? If you have the opportunity to go to a nearby forest, mountains or beach, awesome! But unfortunately, many of us live in a city, far away from nature. But why should those miss out on nature? Create your own little green paradise at home. Whether you have a garden or just a small balcony, with a few new plants and flowers you can bring nature right into your own home.

Go to a gardener in your area and get advice on which plants are the best for the conditions you have at your home. Very trendy this year: Monstera deliciosa and the purple, bright clematis. Prepare your home for the springtime with more plants and colourful flowers!

Tip 3 Eat seasonally & regionally

No doubt, we all love kale, tangerines and other winter seasonal fruits and vegetables. But the beauty of the different seasons is the variety.

There are many reasons to buy only seasonal and regional products: To protect the environment, they guarantee freshness, ...

But did you know that seasonal foods also contain more antioxidants than food grown in a greenhouse? Plants develop their nutrients through good soil and adequate sunlight. Food boarded in season is fully developed and therefore contains more antioxidants than food grown in a greenhouse.

Be sure to eat a balanced and healthy diet. To protect yourself from spring colds, make sure you get enough vitamin C. Get inspired by seasonal fruits and vegetables and try new recipes to bring more variety on your plate.

Another positive side effect: seasonal and regional foods are usually cheaper. 

Tip 4 Create new, healthy habits 

For many, spring also represents the start of something new! So why not use the euphoria of spring to create new, healthy habits?

An effective task to integrate new habits into your life is to create a list on which you list all your previous habits. Mentally go through your entire daily routine: From getting up to brushing your teeth and eating breakfast, all your daily habits should be on the list. Once you have the list complete, put a plus (+) or minus (-) sign after each habit, depending on whether you think it's a good or bad habit. And finally, you can add new habits to the list that you want to integrate into your daily life with the positive spring energy. Start with little things like drinking more water, eating more fruit, sleeping at least 7 hours.

Important: Don't take on too many new habits, otherwise you run the risk of them overwhelming you.


Tip 5  Try something new

Maybe you found it harder to exercise regularly or go to a (virtual) painting class during the winter months? Believe us, you're not alone. Now that the mornings are brighter and the air is warmer, you'll find it easier to get off the couch.

But instead of just getting back into running, which maybe feels more like an obligation than like a fun hobby, think about a new activity you really would like to try. Maybe you have a yoga studio around the corner whose beginner's class you've always wanted to try. Or maybe you've always been interested in improvisational theatre, but never had the courage to give it a try? Then gather your courage and start the spring with new energy! You'll find that a new hobby will not only bring more variety into your life, but also new people with the same interests. 

Spring is right around the corner 

Get ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

After the long winter months, it's time for some new energy. Prepare your home for the new season: Say goodbye to things and clothing you no longer use.

Bring more light and more flowers into your home. You will see that it will bring you a lot of joy.

Make sure you get enough vitamin C and eat a healthy, balanced diet. We recommend you to eat seasonal and regional food, not only to do something good for the environment, but also for your health.

And above all: do what you enjoy! Spring energy can give you a boost to discover new hobbies and bring more variety into your life.

We look forward to the change of seasons and brighter and warmer months.

Are you also looking forward to it?

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