1. Nature is our biggest source of inspiration 

If you have been with us for a while, then you probably know that the Nordic nature (and nature in general) is our greatest source of inspiration. 

Our founder Otso grew up in Finland and has spent a lot of time in nature since he was a small boy. These formative experiences of his childhood and youth had a great influence on the development of the AAVALABS brand. 

That said, Finland is blessed with some of the cleanest air and water in the world, and we would love to take you out into the Finnish nature, so that you can experience this unique feeling of "aava". 

That's why we have developed products that allow everyone to experience the power of nature for themselves. All our food supplements are 100% natural, GMO-free and vegan-friendly.  

Today we are an international, globally active team. The love for nature and the fascination for our earth is something that connects us despite our diverse biographies and backgrounds. 

2.We believe in honesty and “sisu” 

In Finland "rehellisyys", honesty, is one of the most important basic values. This means that you can rely on a spoken word, a given promise or a handshake. 

This honesty is the foundation of our work here at AAVALABS - within the company and in our dealings with our business partners and customers. We promise you that we always communicate honestly and transparently about our products: the ingredients, the production and the entire value chain.

Another typical Finnish characteristic in which we believe is called "sisu". There is no direct English translation, but words like grit,  perseverance, action-mindset or resilience in the face of challenges help to describe the concept. 

It is about not giving up even in difficult situations, giving your best and the ability to see light at the end of the tunnel even when things seem hopeless. 

Without Finnish Sisu we would never have come this far. 

3. We are huge fans of sauna 

This may sound like a cliché, but it is absolutely true: we love saunas! In Helsinki, where we have our main office, there are several public saunas where you are likely to meet our founder and our CFO. 

Apart from that, we use every other suitable opportunity - be it in the summer cottage or at home - for a relaxing sauna bath. In winter it is ideal for warming up, in summer sauna is perfect in combination with a jump into a Finnish lake. 

Whatever the season and whatever the situation: after the sauna you feel relaxed and reborn. 

4. We love simplicity & purity 

Our design is often described by customers as "minimalist", which certainly has to do with the fact that we are influenced by the puristic style of the Nordics. Of course there are also very colourful brands like Marimekko, but in general people here believe: less is more. 

This philosophy influences all aspects of our work, not just the design. We attach great importance to safety and purity during production. Why? Because we do not want to sell products that we wouldn't want to take ourselves. 

We avoid unnatural fillers, binders or other additives. The raw materials are obtained in gentle processes so that the valuable ingredients are not lost. 

5. We love cottage workations 

Normally our team meets twice a year to work (a little bit) and - more importantly - to have fun together. Our team members already know: It's most likely back to the “mökki” (summer cottage). Our last joint team workationin Finland took place in September 2019 on an island near the southern coast of Finland. 


A year back in winter a part of our team worked in a snowed-in cabin in Lapland using the breaks for skiing. Sounds like a real chliché but is actually really fun! For us there's just no better way to combine work, nature and leisure. 


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