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“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”- Albert Schweitzer

Great, lasting relationships are built on the foundation of shared experiences. These can be small mundane moments or unforgettable adventures. 

While chocolates and elaborate candle light dinners are a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day (love goes through the stomach, no doubt!)  there are many other fun activities and ideas worth trying out on this special occasion! 

Here's a list of five creative ideas that you can do with a partner - regardless of your budget certainly unforgettable! 

1. Plan a romantic outdoor excursion 

Due to the pandemic travel and many regular activities are still restricted in several parts of Europe and the rest of the world, but luckily enjoying the outdoors is possible in most places. 

If you are located in a cold region with snow you could opt for a romantic skiing trip, go sledding, skating or head to a romantic cottage. 

If Covid-19 is still limiting your options, keep it simple. Pack some hot tea or mulled wine, blankets and snacks into a bag and do a local outdoor tour to a beautiful nature nearby. 

2. Plan a spa day (outside or at home) 

A spa day is a great way to pamper yourself and your partner. If pandemic rules in your location permit you can opt for a luxurious experience in a real spa. 

Choose some relaxing massages, a mud pack or a Hamam experience. It´s a perfect way to destress, detox and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

There's no spa in your location or Covid-19 restrictions make it impossible at the moment, you can also create a spa experience at home: 

Light some candles, put on soothing music and give your significant other a relaxing hand and/or foot massage. 

Start with a foot bath or - if you are a lucky owner of a bathtub - use aroma bath salts or bath bombs to create a luxurious bath experience. 

Pamper yourself with body oils, a facial mask or any other DIY spa treatment of your choice. 

3. Book a horse riding class 

In fairy tales princes and princesses often ride on beautiful horses. Why not create your own real-life fairytale experience?

Many people falsely believe horse riding is something rather passive, but the truth is that horse riding is hard work! 

Horse riding is said to boost the cardiovascular system, stimulate the organs and improve coordination. It's also an amazing way to destress. 

Imagine you could ride across open fields with your partner and experience a unique sense offreedom and unity with nature...sounds tempting, doesn´t it?

4. Try a healthy cooking class

For many couples Valentine's Day is about indulgence. That's not surprising given the great meaning most people attach to food.  

While food is certainly a meaningful shared experience, it doesn't always have to be a heavy and extra large meal that leaves you stuffed and tired.  

Here's what you can do instead: Call a chef directly to your home for a healthy cooking class or book a class at another convenient location. 

As a plan B (if you are still being restricted due to the pandemic), you could even select some fun cooking videos on Youtube and cook a healthy Valentine's dinner in your own kitchen.

The main point is to boldly try out something new and learning in the process. 

5. Do something unusual 

Some of the most memorable shared experiences often include doing something new or exciting - something that is outside the box! 

Here's a list of other ideas:

  • Watch Karate videos and learn basic moves
  • Learn dancing
  • Book a rock climbing class
  • Fly with a hot air balloon 
  • Create a time capsule and hide it in a secret place 
  • Head To IKEA and pretend to shop for your dream house
  • Book an acting class with an expert

Maybe there's something else that you always wanted to do or learn? Why not try it on Valentine's Day! 

Remember: It's not about the budget

Oftentimes people think memorable experiences have to be super expensive and exclusive. While a night in a luxury resort or an expensive meal can certainly be a unique experience, it doesn't mean that you have to overspend. 

Many fun experiences can be done on a small budget or even for free. Think about sledding on a winter day, dancing to romantic songs or a beautiful massage experience. 

What really makes a moment memorable is a sense of connection and elevation, not the price tag! 

As Zoey Sayward puts it: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment, and make it perfect.” 

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