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Fall is officially here! In order to make the most of this beautiful season, create a fall bucket list filled with all of the wonderful things you want to do and experience - alone, with family and/or with your friends. 

This is the list we came up here at AAVALABS. Feel free to add and modify our list as you wish! 

1. Celebrate the colours of the season


Autumn is known for its beautiful colours, so why not celebrate them? Opt for clothes in shades of yellow, orange and red, decorate your home in colours of the season and add a dash of turmeric and other spices to your foods for an autumnal touch! 

2. Bake with seasonal fruits and vegetables 


This is one of the best seasons for baking as apples and pumpkins are ripe. Both can be used for sweet and savory dishes alike. Other delicious treats of the season include figs, pears and plums depending on the region. 

3. Go for a walk and take in the clean, crisp autumn air. 


Sunny autumn days can be mesmerizingly beautiful. While you breathe in the fresh air you can hear the leaves rustling underneath your shoes. 

4. Plan a movie night with your family and friends


A chilly evening is perfect for a movie night with tasty snacks. Binge watch your favorite serials or pick a special movie theme. 

5. Go on a camping trip in nature 

Don't let the cooler weather dampen your enthusiasm for camping. You can still go out on amazing excursions while enjoying a beautiful fall scenery. The advantage of camping in this season is that places are less crowded and costs are often lower than during the peak season. 

Pick a beautiful spot, check the weather and make sure you have a good tent, enough of warm clothes and good food. With the right kind of equipment and planning nothing can spoil the outdoor fun! 

6. Get a 1000-piece puzzle 

What to do on rainy and stormy days? 

Well, we suggest getting a 1000-piece puzzle with a beautiful autumn motif and start putting the pieces together. Researchers have discovered that doing jigsaw puzzles improve short-term memory, help to reduce stress and even lead to a longer lifespan. Besides all the health benefits they´re a great way to connect with family and friends. 

7. Make everything pumpkin 

Pumpkins are not only great for Halloween. Prepare delicious pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie or even pumpkin spiced buns - the options are endless! 

8. Get ready for Halloween by decorating your house 


Who said you can only celebrate Halloween on October 31st? Start your Halloween preparations well ahead of time and get into the mood with costumes, decoration, carving out pumpkins and the right kind of movies. 

9.Treat yourself to a fun latte

Autumn is the perfect time to try out some fun latte recipes. What about a salted caramel latte, a delicious cinnamon pumpkin blend or a peppermint mocha? 

10. Turn your bathroom into a spa 

Turning your bathroom into a home spa doesn´t have to be expensive. Add some art work, candles and decorative elements, dim the lights and play some soothing music. If you´re the lucky owner of a bathtub add some essential oils bath bombs for a relaxing scent. 

11. Start knitting 

Knitting is hip and a great way to get creative. The best part: You can finally be the fashion designer you always dreamed of being. Possibly you can even create great DIY gifts (socks, hats, scarfs)  for family and friends. 

12. Meet your friends for a game night 

Whether you prefer traditional board games or computer games - fall is the perfect time for  organizing a proper game night. 

13. Sing Karaoke 


A karaoke night is the perfect antidote when the autumn blues hits. Get together with colleagues, family and/or friends and get grooving with the microphone.  

14. Spend time reading books 

Pick a book that matches your mood, find a cozy, warm spot and dive into another world. 

15. Organize a storytelling night 

Stories are a powerful way to bring people together. 

Usually the best stories are from real life. One way to structure the storytelling night is to give every person that wants to share a story a particular time, for example 10 minutes each. There could be also one main storyteller that shares a longer story. A great way to wrap up the storytelling session is to ask everyone in the audience for their insights and comments. 

16. Rent a cabin with friends, family, or your partner


Plan out a weekend getaway with friends and rent a cabin. You can make it just a quick escape from the city and stay local, or you can plan a tour to the most scenic places of your region or country. Use this opportunity for a digital detox. 

Create your personal Fall Bucket List 

You didn´t find your favorite activity on our list? Then create your own! One of the main reasons why we came up with the bucket list, is the fact that many people tend to feel tired or sad when the summer finally ends. 

With many fun things to look forward to you´ll find it much easier to navigate through the season. Many activities that we have picked are ideal for de-stressing and add just the right amount of hygge to your fall. Enjoy!

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