Did the global pandemic disrupt your holiday plans? 

No worries! Here are some awesome things you should definitely do before the end of this summer! 

The best part: They work irrespective of your location and even with a smaller budget. 

1. Eat (home-made) ice cream

Ice cream and summer belong together like the beach and the sea. 

If you like it natural and healthy, you can make delicious "Nice Cream" in a few minutes. 

The simplest version of Nice Cream requires only one single ingredient: Freeze ripe pieces of banana, take them out of the freezer about 5-10 minutes before preparation and puree them till creamy. Your homemade ice cream is ready! 

For other delicious varieties, you can add berries or fruits as you like. 

2. Go swimming 

In Finland we believe that you have to "shed the winter coat" at least once in the summer. This means nothing else than swimming in a lake or the sea. And if you don't have a bathing opportunity in your area, a paddling pool will do. 

3. Go for a picnic 

Whether it is a romantic couple´s picnic, an adventurous outdoor picnic or a small picnic in your own garden - picnicking is simply fun! 

Traditionally, this includes various salads and snacks. Quiches, wraps and sandwiches or cakes and muffins are also ideal foods for outdoors. The menu becomes extra tasty and versatile with a portable grill. So what are you waiting for? Pack the picnic blanket, food and drinks and off you go! 

4. Read a good book 

Due to Corona, many holiday plans abroad have fallen through. But that doesn't stop you from travelling in your imagination. Find a cosy place and let a good book catapult you into far-off worlds!  

5. Unplug & connect with your friends 

In everyday life, social contacts and real encounters with people are often neglected. Use summer time for a digital detox and meet all the friends you've been wanting to call or see for ages. 

6. Enjoy nature 


In summer, nature shows its full splendour. Enjoy the forest, the sea, colourful summer meadows or hiking trails in the mountains...Just look out for the nearest nature spots in your area.  

7. Discover new places in your region

Your long distance trip was cancelled? No problem. Go exploring in your own region and visit places you have never been to before. You'll be surprised what treasures you'll find if you go out and start looking at things with the eyes of a visitor. 

8. Go cycling 


Cycling is currently experiencing a real boom. It is a great way to cover longer distances, and at the same time you can admire the landscapes and enjoy the fresh summer breeze. 

9. Learn a new skill 

In the midst of everyday stress there is usually not much time for learning and discovery. In summer it's different: Use the holidays to pursue long forgotten hobbies or learn something completely new. 

10. Try something you’ve never tried before

You have never tried climbing or kayaking before? Well, this is the time to give it a try. As the saying goes: The best time to start was yesterday. The next best thing is now. 

11. Enjoy summer foods 

Summer has lots to offer foodwise. Enjoy freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, fresh berries and barbecue dishes... Now is the time to experiment and hone your culinary cooking skills.

12. Go camping 


A night in a tent - even if it is in your own garden - reminds you of summer camps of your youth and  feels a bit like adventure. Wrapped in your sleeping bag, you can look at the stars in the sky, listen to the birds or imagine being on an excursion in the wilderness.

13. Create something artistic 

The summer is perfect for renovating, building or designing. Which creative project can you tackle before the summer ends?

14. Go berry picking 


In late summer, when the blueberry season begins, thousands of Finns are drawn to the forest. Picking berries is a great exercise... and it tastes amazing too. The greatest reward is of course the harvest, which can be used to make many delicious treats. 

If you don't have a berry forest in your region, look out for local fruit farms. There are many farms where you can pick seasonal fruits and berries. 

15. Organize a garden party 


A summer without a garden party? There is no such thing! 

If you haven't had a chance to organize your summer garden bash yet, then now is the time to make up for it quickly. Invite a few friends and neighbors, get the barbecue, drinks and the speakers out. Good food, nice company and suitable music - the party is ready!

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